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I'm a data scientist helping people turn data into meaning. I program heuristics, build and evaluate predictive models, and wrangle big real world datasets. Interested in working together? Get in touch.


Here are some of my projects. You can also check out my resume (pdf) or LinkedIn profile.

Antislavery Petitions Dataverse
(Harvard University)

I worked with an archivist to design and implement a reusable framework for organizing a dataset of historical antislavery documents, enabling other scholars to more easily explore these datasets in their research.

(Drexel University)

I designed and implemented a web application for creating music mashups in seconds. It performs real-time signal processing on multiple concurrent audio signals, which is made computationally feasible on the web by compiling C source code directly to Flash bytecode. I also built a demo of another variation of this, called HazMash, which uses HTML5 and JavaScript instead of Flash.

(Tufts University)

Vizeplot is a tool I designed and implemented that supports multidimensional exploration of datasets. It provides multiple customizable scatterplots with brushing and linking to slice the dataset, as well as the ability to edit the dataset directly and record your actions to provide provenance for analytical results.

Abolition Visualized
(Beacon Hill Scholars)

I am collaborating with a group of experts on abolitionist history to build an intuitive visual interface that explores how abolitionism grew from an idea into a movement. So far, we are looking at geographical information and person entity relationships, and we have started prototype implementations of the interfaces.

Algorithmic Visualization Design
(Tufts University)

I developed a phylogenetic model of the design space of visualizations collaboratively built a creativity support tool that aids in the design of new data visualizations. The results of this work were published as a poster and extended abstract in InfoVis 2011.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

I developed a prototype model for sentiment analysis based on the Michigan Profile of Mood States and WordNet synonyms, and implemented a prototype system on Google Appengine that applied this model to tweets.

About Me

I'm always interested in meeting new people, learning new skills, and discovering more about the world. I live in the Boston area, where I currently work as a data scientist. I have been involved in a variety of other areas of computer science as well, including publishing research in digital signal processing, earning a Master's degree in human-computer interaction, and working on machine learning at Google. When I'm not hacking, I like to play music, go on day hikes, or read books.

Looking for a consultant or freelancer to do some data science or engineering work? Growing your team or company? Interested in working together on a project or startup? I'd love to hear from you!


I'm always interested in meeting new people. The best way to reach me is by email.